School projects

There’s a new way to learn history!

Within the association, a working group has been set up to develop educational and recreational activities to introduce children and young people to Roman history in an in-depth and innovative way.

As part of its research and teaching activities – historical re-enactment and experimental archaeology – our association aims to disseminate and make known to young people the way a legionnaire of the first century AD lived and worked, but above all to transfer to everyone the passion and love for Roman history.

The working group dedicated to schools is constantly improving and evolving. The primary aim is to disseminate as effectively as possible the history, evolution, organization, combat techniques and what were the essential elements that made the Roman legions probably the most efficient and strongest army of the classical era.

The teaching activities are open to Primary and Secondary School pupils of 1st and 2nd grade. Our session have an effective duration of about 2 hours, coordinating from time to time with the teachers.

Being all volunteers, for obvious logistical and availability reasons, our teaching areas concern the provinces of Rimini and Bologna.

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