Who we are

The Legio XIII Gemina is a cultural association of historical re-enactment and experimental archaeology founded in Rimini in 2011.

The association owes its name to the legendary Roman legion of the same name that was recruited by Julius Caesar in 58 B.C. for the conquest of Gaul and with which the great leader crossed the Rubicon. The Legion XIII boasts a long history lasting at least five centuries during which it fought on the various limes of the Empire. The last historical source we have received shows us the Legion in Babylon of Egypt under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Roman Empire.

If you want to know more about the origins and battles of the Thirteenth century, please visit the page dedicated to History.

The group is heterogeneous in age, personality, education and profession and what we have in common is the desire to be together and the love for Roman history… The real one! The association also includes great fans of Roman history and young archaeologists.

The association is formed by military and civilian. Among milites we find Syrian legionnaires and archers (the latter predominantly female), who regularly train in the study and application of the fighting techniques of the Roman army and in the art of ancient fencing and archery. The section of the cives is in continuous evolution and deals with the study of various aspects of daily Roman life.

Our mission

Ours is a real journey through history. We rediscover the past through personal experimentation and recreate the daily life and the technical, military and strategic excellence of the Thirteenth Legion.

We don’t just dress up: our ambition is to do ‘experimental archaeology‘ based on documentary and iconographic sources and historical and archaeological finds.

This approach involves a continuous and careful search for sources, as well as a possible modification of our equipment and equipment and, if necessary, a review of our combat style and battle tactics.

Becoming part of the Thirteenth century you will be able to follow a training course that will allow you to assume a complete knowledge of the historical period that we propose and, if you want, like each of us, you can specialize in some areas of research, including:

• Combat techniques
• Legion history and epigraphy
• Leather processing and footwear
• Ironworking and armor manufacturing
• Archer and Hunting
• Historical games
• Ancient dances and music
• Fabrics and jewellery
• Herbs and medicines
• Medical arts and surgery
• Culinary arts

What are you waiting for?

Join us. Visit the enlistment section.

What we do

During the events and re-enactments modern objects are banned from the camp: we sleep in tents on our skins, we train to fight, we eat the food of the time, we organize military and civil celebrations, we dabble with ancient music and dances.

Objects, equipment and clothing are the result of study and passion and a lot of work of skilled craftsmen, many of them members of the legion: lorica, gladius, cingulum, caligues and civil footwear, tunics and clothes, equipment and material for the camp, surgical tools and much more.

Everything is tested during marches and fights and possibly modified. This is the best way to acquire our experience and put it into practice: only through learning do we verify historical sources and their reliability.

Where we are

Legionnaires regularly train in the art of ancient fencing and in the application of fighting techniques of the Roman army, both in Rimini (Casadei-Rinaldi gym) and in Bologna (Record gym). You can meet us in numerous local events, but also in some of the biggest historical events in Europe.